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Our Focus

The Problem

In today’s cultural industries, it is often hard for emerging professional artists and organizations to differentiate themselves from one another. At Brinkster Management, it is our goal to help motivated artists and organizations to distinguish themselves as unique creators in today’s complex and international cultural marketplace.

Our Solution

Brinkster Management will aid in the development of emerging professional artists’ careers by helping them build personalized, professional brands, and by providing them a vehicle through which their work can be presented. We provide similar services for not-for-profit and community-based cultural organizations.

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Services for Artists

Today’s cultural industries are broad, and composed of work created by several different types of artists, including, but not limited to: actors, dancers, filmmakers, musicians, visual artists, video game designers, and writers. We can help them all!

Services for Organizations

We also work with not-for-profit & community-based cultural organizations to help them accomplish their goals.

What we do

We help artists and creative professionals to advance their careers through individualized branding strategies and unique presentation styles.
Your career is and always will be yours, but let us help!

Brinkster Management serves emerging artists and organizations who want to create a strong, dedicated, and lasting following through the development of comprehensive branding strategies.

We serve emerging artists and organizations who want to present the strength of their work to the people who will love it the most.

We provide emerging artists and organizations with the structure that is necessary to succeed in today's cultural industries.

And finally, we are dedicated to guiding emerging artists and organizations away from the frustrations of being on the brink of success to the edge of an illustrious career.

  • Through extensive conversations with our staff, we will help you through a highly individualized process that will lead to the development of your personal, artistic brand. From there, we will integrate that brand into all of your communications with your fan base from digital communications to live performance.

  • Your relationship with your fans is crucial in today's international and digital cultural marketplace. Let us help you find the best ways to connect with your audience through performance and public presentation!

  • Let us handle those pesky tasks - like managing your calendar, mailing list, website, & social media presence - that keep you from creating.

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